First Game Review – Spec Ops: The Line

My first game review. Next up will be a TV review. Only reviewing single player.



IGN RATING = 8 out of 10


Yager Development (Single Player)

Darkside Game Studios (Multiplayer)


2K Games


XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Windows.

PLOT OUTLINE: A group of soldiers, who were presumed dead, battle through a deserted Dubai to rescue a lost colonel who stayed behind when everyone else left the city.

CHARACTERS: The gamer portrays Captain Martin Walker, leader of his Delta Force squad, Lieutenant Adams and Sergeant Lugo. They battle through thick and thin to save the unfortunate Colonel John Konrad.

SETTING: A deserted Dubai. A sandstorm has destroyed the city and doesn’t plan on settling any time soon. This is one of the main elements of the story.

VISUAL EFFECTS: Wowee, this game looks absolutely stunning. So real and so smooth, it’s a beautiful looking game with a delicate touch and clean feel when walking through the deserted yet somehow energetic streets. Just check this out if you don’t believe me.

COMPARISON TO OTHER 3RD PERSON SHOOTERS: This is far and away the smoothest 3rd person shooter I’ve played. It’s hard to beat Gears of War but I’d say this game comes very close. Lots of action, lots of detail and lots of love were put into this game.

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY? The good would have to be the storyline. I’m getting used to awesome visuals now so no point gasping for air about that. Story seems like it would be bland and short, but it’s anything but. Love it. The bad? Probably the fact that this game wasn’t rated higher and wasn’t talked about very much. And the ugly? Really can’t imagine anything that could be considered awful.

RECOMMENDATION: For shooter lovers like myself, this game is ideal. A great way to make up for the frustration that could be vented from games such as MW3 and Battlefield 3. Gives you something to chill out on.

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