Movie Review – Snow White & the Huntsman



IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (42,816 votes)

Director: Rupert Sanders

Plot outline: In a land far away, an evil queen who deceived the king to take the throne, feeds off the youth of others in order to maintain her power. Once she discovers there is one fairer than her, she sets out to capture the youth of Snow White and live a life of immortality.

Actors: The evil queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) sets out to destroy Snow White (Kristen Stewart), who is being protected by her former huntsman (Chris Hemsworth).

Comparison to alike films: Well, it’s certainly the darkest fairytale film I have ever seen. Very well done, I thought. It was dark but not gloomy and depressing. Snow White brought life and hope into what seemed to be hopeless territory. I do think there are better fairytale movies though, but this is more for a thrill-seeker. If you’re looking for a cute little fairy flick, the Princess Diaries is now available for purchase on Foxtel.

Comments on Actors/Characters: Casting was great. A few questions were asked about Stewart being right for the role, but she was a nice fit. Charlize was absolutely brilliant. Must say she was something unique, she brings such a great quality to the screen. Loved her. Hemsworth did his stuff well, as did Ravenna’s brother (Sam Spreull). Just one query – Snow White says “I’m not sure I can do that” when the Hunstman explains how to kill a man, yet on the beach she is relentless in battle, slashing swords in every direction. A bit odd, don’t you think?

Music: I thought the music was pretty epic and sounded nice. The march on the beach was fantastic, brought a real sense of an epic battle to my mind. Was in awe to be in that moment really, thanks to some very nice strings from James Newton Howard. Well done sir.

Visual Effects: The bar just goes higher and higher, these visual effects in recent movies are spectacular. Must say that Prometheus’ visuals were mindblowing, these weren’t quite at that level, but nonetheless, they were pretty great. The birds and the woods were two main highlights in terms of appealing visual aspects of the movie.

The good, the bad and the ugly?: Okay, well the good were without a doubt the Dwarfs! The way they were incorporated into the movie was something special. Beautiful piece of cinema, that. The bad? Probably the mirror. It was good when it was on screen but I would have liked to see more. After all, the line “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” is one of the most famous in history. And the ugly? Well, the unexplained death of Snow White. What, someone grabbed the defibrillator and jump-started her heart? Someone tell me how that happened. Please.

Sequel?: No. Leave it as it is. Everything turned out normal and peace was restored….as always. So just leave it there. Still waiting for a fairytale in which the hero is killed (or REMAINS dead in this case).

Worth seeing?: In blunt terms, yes. But be wary, don’t expect a hollywood blockbuster epic, you will leave disappointed. Expect a dark thriller about a mystical land in which all isn’t as it seems. Oh, and with kids, just be careful when it comes to the woods. Scenes can be a bit testy for little ones (anywhere from 5-9).


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