Movie Review – The Amazing Spider Man



IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (92,613 votes)

Director: Marc Webb

Plot outline: High School student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him unnatural abilities and he must stop a raging scientist hell bent on releasing a gas over the entire city.

Actors: Spider Man/Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds love in his fellow classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Peter tries to find out more about the company his father built, along with the mysterious Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans).

Comments on Actors/Characters: Can’t help but feel there wasn’t something right about Andrew Garfield. But then again, Tobey Maguire didn’t feel right either. Garfield just didn’t work the character as well as he could have. Emma Stone was pretty good; I’m yet to see a bad film with her in it. She is a very professional lady. Ifans did a good job considering it’s not an easy character to play. A bit mad and a bit shy…odd mixture.

Comparison to alike films: I think it was an okay action movie in terms of big scenes and swinging from roof to roof. Just what you’d expect from a Spider-Man flick. Yet I think there are much better superhero movies out there. Batman, anyone?

Music: Not good. At all. Music did not set the scene and did not fit. I think James Horner wrote the music for the correct scenes, and thought “Oh, this is a little boring”, so he muddled everything up and put different pieces in different scenes. Very disappointing. I was hoping for a lot more.

Visual effects: All wrong. Come on people, this movie required TOP NOTCH effects in order to be anywhere near Batman, and I was incredibly disappointed. Even Snow White got it right, and I think they could have not used CGIs and it would have still been good. Why on earth did you not pump some more money into this? They looked pretty amateur for a big-scale movie. Arad, Ziskin and Tomach: you have something to think about.

The good, the bad and the ugly? Good was the Science lab and the skyline. That room looked brilliant, and when Peter and Curt were on that skyscraper…wowee. The only CGIs they got right. Congratulations. The bad? Music. Mr Horner got this one all wrong. The ugly? Peter Parker, for heavens sake, you are a smart boy, so why aren’t you smart when you put on that suit?! Fighting a giant lizard who is much stronger than you with nothing to protect yourself but webhands? Please. Writers fault, not Garfields.

Sequel: If it’s as disappointing as this film, no sir. Anyway I can’t see how they could make a direct sequel. Maybe just another Spidey flick? I don’t mind, if it doesn’t have Maguire back in it, I’ll take a look.

Worth seeing? Hmm…depends…I’m not sure what movie ticket prices are in the U.S but in Australia they are ridiculous, so it wasn’t worth the money here. Question is, how high are your expectations and how much do you care what happens in this movie? Not worth seeing where ticket prices are high, if the prices are moderate then why not. Report back to me on your thoughts.


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