Game Review – FIFA 13


– FIFA (SOCCER) 13 –

IGN RATING: 9 out of 10

Developed by: EA Canada

Published by: Electronic Arts

Background: So, I’m a huge fan of FIFA. Have been since FIFA 08. I bought FIFA 04 for my original XBOX, but I didn’t get into it that much. So, when I was given a PSP, I bought the FIFA game from that year (FIFA 08) and couldn’t put it down. I got 14 seasons into my “Manager Mode” campaign with Manchester United (even though I hate them in real life, they make a bloody good FIFA 08 team), but unfortunately my PSP broke recently before I could finish my 15th and final season.

My titles include: FIFA 04 (XBOX), 08 (PSP), 09 (PSP & Wii), 10 (XBOX 360 & Wii), 11 (Wii) and 12 (XBOX 360). Now FIFA 13 (XBOX 360) sits among the collection.

Expectations: Gee, my expectations for this game were high. I have loved this franchise and I was so pumped for this game. Nonetheless, I bought it at the first opportunity I had available. Hot tip: Look around at prices. I was nearly suckered in to buying it for $90 at JB-Hifi, but later purchased it for $70 at Dick Smith.

First thoughts: I hadn’t played the demo much, so I was really excited to play the inaugural game against my brother. While FIFA 12 was the latest FIFA, we played a ridiculous amount of games against each other, with our trademark teams. He played as Porto CF, and I was Arsenal. (Don’t read too much into it, I’m a Liverpool fan but they sucked in that game.)

My first thoughts were “This game is good. It was faster, and more hurried than FIFA 12,” which is exactly what that game missed. Pace. But I soon found the first-touch confusing and frustrating. I was shouting at the TV, for crying out loud. Look at me, I’m a game-playing psychopath with nothing better to do than complain at something that I can’t control.

After further inspection: Uhh…I want to like this game, I do, so bad. But something about it is so…un-FIFA-ish. I mean, it’s not an awful game. But there are little niggles that keep coming back to taint the experience.


FIRST TOUCH CONTROL. Silly little EA *shakes his head and tuts*. Tried to over-complicate things and now I want to punch my groin 76 times every time I hold RT while taking my first touch and the ball going 30 feet in front of me. I mean, WHERE’S THE NEED FOR THIS?! Why did you put this extra little nuisance in? Does anyone gain from this?

GOOD TEAM ADJUSTMENTS. Well-rated teams, like Manchester United and Arsenal, will not beat you because their better. They beat you because EA is out to screw you. They will gain extra possession by you tackling their players who have the ball, and the ball ricocheting straight back to enemy feet. It’s annoying. Very annoying. This just plain makes no sense. IF A TEAM HAS A GOOD RATING, MAKE THEM PLAY FLUENTLY. Don’t make them better because of dumb luck programmed by EA staff. Give them good passing skills, good movement and nice-looking structures.

BAD TEAMS CAN WIN OUT OF NOWHERE. Okay, this is a joke. Sure, I’m not for a momentum meter, like in FIFA 08 on the PSP, but maybe the EA staff should implement something like that. No joke. Because seems even if you DOMINATE the game, and your opposition has no shots the entire time, they create ONE meaningful chance with good dribbling and good movement, then BAM they score. EA staff is royally screwing me this time. How is that even possible?! 20 shots to 0, the opposition hardly ever get the ball, and then they SCORE? Yuk, FIFA, yuk.

Oh, and fast attackers getting outrun by slow centre-backs. EA pls.

Good stuff:

On a more positive note, I love what they’ve done with the commentary. I know it’s small, but the in-game updates, the fixture previews, the special comments of certain players/news events…it’s all really well done. Plus, Martin Tyler is the English Morgan Freeman.

General gameplay has improved because of the pace being increased. FIFA 12 was unbearably slow, and the speed has made this game more enjoyable for me. Fast people are actually fast, slow people are actually slow. That makes sense, right?

Lastly, the shots are more realistic and feel nice and fluent. It’s good that they got it right, because in FIFA 12, my brother and I were scoring goals from 40 yards left, right & center.

Career Mode: Yes, yes, yes, I like what I see. Well planned out, well structured…this mode has it all. Even transfers are getting better, which is cool, because that’s all I play Career Mode for. Transfers. It’s like a more in-depth version of FIFA 12 Career Mode, plus it’s a little more neat and tidy.

Ultimate Team: Why would you bother with this crap? Waste your money on meaningless “gold packs”, then spend even more on the next game? Good way to make money, it’s a good marketing scheme from EA. Shame for all the suckers who fell into the trap. Plus, it’s not fun. At all.

Recommendation: Buy this game. Just do it. There may be a few problems here and there, but EA make great games and this won’t prove any different. Sure, I have my problems with it, but there’s no reason why any normal person would. I’m just some kid who looks to much into things.

Final Thoughts: This game wasn’t what I hoped it was. Didn’t suck, either. But there is a recurring feeling of frustration vented when I play this game. Something doesn’t add up. Did EA overdo it this time? Try too much? In a sense, if the game were a little simpler, it would have been just right. No need for this “first touch” nonsense that has me hitting myself in the pelvis.


Bring on Madden 13. Sorry to say it, but 1 and a half months of this game will be enough.


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