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**Note – this is the final installment of a 3 part series on TV Shows, and this section is on my favourite TV shows of all time.

So it’s about time I got to the final part of this series on TV. In this installment, I’ll be talking about my favourite TV shows of all time, and ranking them. So basically, this is my version of the 10 Best Shows of All Time.

Mind you, I am only young, so many of the shows considered the best of all time won’t be here because of my lack of experience.

Let’s get into it.


#10. Get Smart (1965-1970) / Frasier (1993-2004)

Don Adams as Maxwell Smart.

Kesley Grammar as Frasier Crane.

I remember the old days when I used to watch Get Smart replays on TV1. I love that show. It’s very funny. Mel Brooks is a funny, funny man and has really crazy ideas. That’s what makes this show great.

Frasier is just a great comedy. It’s really well made, and Frasier Crane is a great character, brilliantly written and then portrayed by Kelsey Grammar, who also voices Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons (another great character).

#9. Batman (1966-1968)

The original Batman & Robin.

I’m a huge Batman buff, and this show is one of the reason why. Adam West is an awesome Batman, I don’t care what anyone says. Whenever he makes a guest appearance on another show (or is in an episode of Family Guy), I instantly think back to the good old days of Batman. Plus, the Villains are so much more bad-ass in this show than any other Batmans. The Riddler is sneaky, The Joker is psychotic, and The Penguin is more ruthless.

I used to sit at my grandparents house, lock myself in a room and watch old Batman replays for hours on end. It was great. If only it was still on TV as frequently.

#8. The Walking Dead (2010- )

I’ve already gone over this show in the first installment. If you want to check it out, click here.

#7. Law & Order – Originals (1990-2010)

Jerry Orbach & Jesse L. Martin in Law & Order.

Law & Order. One of the great detective shows of all time. Well, that’s how it will go down in history. A detective show. See, I think that what made this show so great was the combination of detective work, and being a good lawyer. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) is one of the great TV characters of all time, in my opinion. Well written, well acted and just a very smart man. He, in combination with the amazing Jerry Orbach, makes this show what it is.

The cases used to be interesting and different in their own way. Sure, the basic plot didn’t change very much. Murder for money, robbery, abduction…the norm. But it’s the way they work it out that makes this show special.

I hope you all had the pleasure of watching at least…40-50 of the early episodes of this show, just to see how good it was.

#6. Whose Line Is It Anyway? – American – (1998-2006)

The many faces of Whose Line.

What a show. Improvised, yet you couldn’t believe it was. So much fun to be apart of, even though you’re not in the studio. Just watching 4 people make up things on the spot and somehow they make people laugh every time is magical.

The game modes are funny, the host is funny, the songs are funny, and the whole show is improvised. Come on, that’s a pretty good effort. That’s what makes this show special. It’s just so different from everything else.

#5. Fawlty Towers (1975-1979)

The master of British comedy, John Cleese, in a scene with Andrew Sachs.

This is a classic case of a brilliant TV show way ahead of its time. Fawlty Towers was cut after just 12 episodes, making it probably the shortest lived TV classic. Fawlty Towers originates from the mind of John Cleese, one of the people behind Monty Python. His comedic style has attracted the attention of many people, and made him basically one of the funniest people ever to live.

This show features a mix of characters that, while in the real world would never gel, seem to mix so well. Fawlty Towers is a show about things that shouldn’t happen in a hotel, but do. And it doesn’t seem like it’s farfetched, which is the best thing about this show.

I, to this day, cannot believe this show was cut so early.

#4. Scrubs (2001-2010)

Besides Law & Order, this was the first show that I used to watch all day, everyday.

The cast of Scrubs.

Zach Braff plays John “J.D” Dorian, a doctor who never really finds closure in what he does, and is always trying to impress the senior doctors at the hospital. His sense of humour and quirky nature is beautifully written, and so is his best-friend, Christopher Turk, played by Donald Faison. So many more great characters…Elliot (Sarah Chalke), Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins), Carla (Judy Reyes), The Todd (Robert Maschio), The Janitor (Neil Flynn)…

This show is so much more than some stupid drama about something going all wrong in the O.R and someones career being over, or a comedy that’s unrealistic and makes you feel nothing. It’s a mix between hilarity, and emotion. And that’s illustrated perfectly by my favourite character, Dr. Cox, portrayed by the amazingly talented John C. McGinley. He makes this show, basically. His ups, his lows, and what he is thinking controls J.D’s subconscious. It’s like waving a bone in front of a dog; where the bone goes, the dog goes, except Dr. Cox is the bone and J.D is the dog.

If you haven’t seen this show, then you’re missing out.

#3. Columbo (1971-2003)

The masterful Peter Falk.

Columbo is probably the great detective show of all time. And the great thing is, there is only 1 main character. And I’m not talking about other useless characters hovering around the back. It’s ALL Columbo. And that’s just one reason this show was so good.

To have such an enthralling detective show with only 1 character, week in & week out, is pretty unbelievable. Something about knowing who did it at the start made you wonder “How is Columbo going to find the killer in this one?”. And that is so special; the fact that this show was so popular even though you knew who did it means it was very well made.

Peter Falk was made for that role. I was so sad to hear of his passing because he was such a talented man, and played one of the great detectives in TV history. The cases maintained that level of mysteriousness and darkness throughout the show’s existence. This show was something special.

#2. The Simpsons (1989- )

The Simpson family.

You didn’t have a childhood if you didn’t watch The Simpsons.

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie. A family who, perhaps on the outside may have looked all sorts of normal, but really were anything but. Then there are HEAPS of other characters that play big parts in the show. All the characters are incorporated so well, and even the ones who are only in a few episodes (Hank Scorpio, Mona Simpson) leave lasting impressions.

This show, unlike what some people say, is a very, very funny show, and as I get older, I appreciate the comedy more and more. Each character has a certain trait that makes them funny; Homer has his slow-wit, Ned is a “diddly” fella, and Moe’s endless bad luck, just to name a few.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode of this show, up to around Season 20-21. The newer episodes aren’t good – they’ve lost the touch. They’ve run out of ideas, which is understandable after over 500 episodes.

I don’t think I know a person whose never seen this show, and the main reason is that this is the single-best animated show of all time.


#1. Seinfeld (1990-1998)

The best show of all time. An easy pick.

The Seinfeld 4.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are masters of the art; the art of fairly obvious humour. But the fact that it’s fairly obvious doesn’t make this show any less brilliant. It’s so well written. The situations the 4 get themselves into are realistic and handled, at times, in the poorest possible way by the 4, for maximum hilarity.

Elaine, George, Kramer and Jerry are the main characters, and probably the best group of characters in TV history. But then there are the others (Jerry’s parents, George’s parents, Newman, Mr. Steinbrenner, Uncle Leo and J. Peterman) who are all just magically acted and add that little something to the show.

I’m just going to come out and say it…in terms of acting and character development, I think Cosmo Kramer, played by Michael Richards, is the greatest TV character of all time. He’s so crazy, and so random. He had a vivid imagination and never stopped thinking of ideas. A coffee table book about coffee tables, an oil bladder (one of his better ideas, that still didn’t work), or his cologne derived from the smell of the beach. Combine that with his complicated relationship with Jackie Childs, plus his endless conversations with the mysterious Bob Sacamano, and you have a great character.

The last 3 episodes weren’t the best ones ever, but it didn’t really take anything away from the show named in countless “Top Shows Ever” lists.

Now it’s on another one.

Special mentions: SNL, Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, Family Guy, Lost.

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