Movie Review – Moonrise Kingdom

WARNING: Spoilers. There are small plot giveaways in this review. (But nothing big so stop having a cry and read the damn review!)



IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 (83,317 votes)

Director: Wes Anderson


The poster for Moonrise Kingdom.

The more I think about this movie, the more I seem to enjoy it.

I was quite hesitant to watch Moonrise Kingdom, actually. It wasn’t the kind of film that popped into my mind when I thought of a “must-watch”. That’s probably because my 11 year old cousin got it for Christmas, and seeing as I had no knowledge whatsoever of what it was about, I thought it was a film for little children.

But, as is common nowadays for myself, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Moonrise Kingdom is the story of two runaway children – Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) & Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) – who are madly in love with each other, and despite an island-wide search for them, only want to be together. Running away with a friend and being able to do what I want, while surviving comfortably, has always been a dream of mine. The idea sounds pretty awesome.

This movie ticked all the boxes.

The script was excellent. Such a witty, interesting read. The dialogue is so out there. In fact, the whole damn thing is so out there. I just wish you could read it…oh wait, you can. Read it here. (It’s a downloadable pdf). Please read this. It’s one of the best scripts I’ve read, not only in 2012, but ever.

The "treehouse" from Moonrise Kingdom. Tell me that isn't one of the greatest things you've ever seen.

The “treehouse” from Moonrise Kingdom. Tell me that isn’t one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen.

The cinematography was excellent. The whole yellow, retro feel of this movie was such a pleasant theme. It really set the mood. Yellow isn’t a dark colour, nor was this a dark movie. In fact, for a movie about two kids running away, it was exceptionally light. I mean, a dog gets an arrow through the neck, but that doesn’t seem to effect the feeling of this movie AT ALL.

The individual performances were fantastic. It was great to see a movie that Bruce Willis actually acted in like a normal person. Edward Norton is arguably the most talented actor out there nowadays, and can play anything from a Neo-Nazi skinhead (American History X) to a Scout Master (this). The career-beginning performances from Gilman and Hayward were absolutely fantastic. Sam Shakusky was probably one of my favourite characters in any movie in 2012.

And how cool was Social Services.

The story was really well paced. I think one way of telling if a story is well paced is: if your feeling like you’re waiting or eager for something to come, then it’s too slow. But I was too enthralled in the story. And that’s because it was moving along perfectly. There were no unnecessary scenes or time-wasters. This movie was fantastic.

Sam and Suzy. Those glasses are actually so cool.

Sam and Suzy. Those glasses are actually so cool.

It’s a strange film, but it’s a SWEETLY strange film. Bottom line: it is a good take on young love. In real life, young love isn’t that complex. But when it is complex, chances are it’s just the inner workings of a Wes Anderson film.

Wes Anderson’s retro style and undeniably enthralling sense of humour will take you deep into the island of New Penzance and chances are you won’t want to leave.

If you haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom, then let me tell you: you’re missing out. Pick this one up on DVD immediately.

MY RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

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5 responses to “Movie Review – Moonrise Kingdom

  1. Hola, Your link to the script in downloadable .pdf form is defective–I would love to read it! Can you send or re-post? Thanks!

  2. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola made a Prada commercial that’s in every movie theater right now. I don’t know if it was released elsewhere, but if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s also ‘sweetly strange’, very wes andersonian. 😉

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