2013 SAGMAs – Minor Award Winners

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. The day that I announce the first batch of the 2013 SAGMA Winners. Well, let’s do it.

The awards being given out today are the “Minors”. Now, don’t be mistaken; these elements of a film are just as, if not more important than the others. But, come on…who watches the Oscars to see who won “Best Cinematography”?

The awards being given out today: Best Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, Best Arthouse Movie, Best Music, Biggest Disappointment.

To see the nominees, click here.


Best Screenplay

WINNER: Joss Whedon – The Avengers

Hey look...it's The Avengers.

Hey look…it’s The Avengers.

I absolutely loved The Avengers. This movie ticked all the boxes for me. Compelling characters, good acting, fantastic direction, and that little touch of humour that’s rare to find in this quality. The screenplay for The Avengers is a slice of gold. I loved the style of it all; which is probably why Moonrise Kingdom was next in line. Joss Whedon’s interpretation of, what some may call a “freak show” turned out to be a mixture of light, witty dialogue and fast-paced action scenes. The plot wasn’t very deep, but really, besides Nolan’s Batman films, who’s seen a Superhero movie with a really detailed plot? Not me. Whedon did Marvel proud on this one.

Don’t be disheartened, Wes Anderson. Your script was dynamite. Just because you didn’t win a SAGMA in 2013 doesn’t mean you can’t come back and do it all over again. Whatever screenplay you write, I’m sure you’ll be there abouts.

Best Cinematography

WINNER: Roger Deakins – Skyfall

So, if you haven’t read my review of Skyfall, here are my thoughts in a nutshell: it was awesome. This movie did everything for me. When I’m cold and scared, lying in a gutter one day, I’ll think of James Bond feeding some guy to a Komodo Dragon, and I’ll feel better.

All jokes aside, the cinematography in this movie was impeccable. The scene where Bond and the Assassin fight in Shanghai was so beautiful. Not because the bad guy lost (SPOILERS….oops), but the neon lights where so beautifully weaved in and out of the skyscraper. This link is for the fight but unfortunately it doesn’t show the assassination that happens before…oh man, those neon lights.

Every scene in this movie is so beautiful in terms of background, setting and shooting, it’s hard to fault the movie whatsoever. Need convincing? Watch this.

Best Visual Effects

WINNER: Prometheus

Tell me that doesn't look amazing.

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing.

Prometheus didn’t do a whole lot for me. At first thought, I was kind of in a trance. I wasn’t thinking straight. I hope you can excuse my shockingly blind and undetailed review of it (the first review I did, which was started under the covers of my bed at 11:40pm, and finished by 11:55). The plot was a bit iffy, and the scientists were among the dumbest scientists on Earth. The mission would’ve been more successful if it was the Three Stooges on that ship and not Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. But hey, what are you gonna do. The Visual Effects were good. Isn’t that enough?

Best Music

WINNER: Hans Zimmer – The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer is by far the number one guy on the film music market. His knack for making any scene exciting, whether it’s some idiot getting what’s coming to him (a neck break at the hands of Bane) or Alfred pouring his heart out and Bruce giving him the cold shoulder, is beyond any other composer out there in the film industry at the moment.

Sure, I didn’t like this movie even a fifth of what I hoped I would, but Hans did a great job…again. Read my review of The Dark Knight Rises here.

But seriously, HOW DOES BANE EAT?

Best Arthouse Movie

WINNER: Moonrise Kingdom

The more I think about this movie, the more I seem to enjoy it.

– Elroy Rosenberg (from my review which can be found here)

Moonrise Kingdom is the perfect “I could watch this over and over again” movie. The script was funny and readable. The cinematography was really well done. The acting was great. The direction was stunning. Good story, good characters…I could go on and on. But I don’t need to, because my review is waiting for your eyes. Read it. READ IT.

Biggest Disappointment

WINNER: The Amazing Spider-Man/The Dark Knight Rises (tie)

How do I eat, you might ask...and I would say, "....I don't know".

How do you eat- you might ask…and I would say, “….I don’t know”.

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises were just…wrong. The whole thing was wrong.

Spider-Man was wrong on SO MANY LEVELS. The music sucked big time. The plot had no element that I gave half a crap about. The characters, besides Gwen Stacy, were very poorly written and the whole thing just felt forced. I had high expectations for this film…and now I’ve lost faith in human life. Yeah, I reviewed it. Read it here.

The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t as bad as the Spider-Man flick was. But compared to the other Batman films (masterpieces), this thing was so disappointing. The Dark Knight had substance, and I cared about what happened. I felt EMOTION. This movie just made me think of Bane as a “mean gentleman” who has a stupid British voice and likes to break necks. A nuclear bomb? This was just a poorer version of the Simpsons episode where Bart, Lisa and Skinner have to stop the bullies from detonating the stink-bomb at the Cake Stall. Good episode, by the way.

Again, HOW DOES BANE EAT!?!?!?!?!?!?


In the next SAGMA awards batch: All individual actor/actress awards.

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