2013 SAGMAs – Individual Performances

It’s “individual performance appreciation” time. Where the best actors/actresses lock horns in an attempt to win the coveted “Best Actor/Actress” SAGMA; a.k.a the most important award of all time. Now we’re heating up.

The awards being given out today are: Breakthrough Performance, Best Performance from a child, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor.

To see the nominees, click here.


Breakthrough Performance

WINNER: Michael Pena – End of Watch

Pena ticked all the boxes here.

First of all, he was set up perfectly with an excellent script. End of Watch was essentially a buddy-cop movie, and very character driven. But the dialogue was immaculate and every scene was written to a tee.

Secondly, Pena was excellent in the role. His bond with Gyllenhaal, although fictional, was moving and believable. The ending of the movie was extremely sad, and did the characters justice because although this movie was violent and dark, it was the story of two friends that were inseparable. Pena’s performance shouldn’t go unnoticed and was a highlight in a movie that did a lot well.

Best Performance from a child

WINNER: Jared Gilman – Moonrise Kingdom

No...what type of bird...are YOU?

“No…what type of bird…are YOU?”

What a talented kid.

Moonrise Kingdom was a fantastic film, and partly because the acting was so god damn awesome. This is highlighted by Jared Gilman’s quirky performance as Sam. The whole story was very awkward. It was basically about two awkward kids trying to run away, one from a dysfunctional and awkward family. And Gilman portrayed this awkwardness beautifully.

It was partially how well the script was done, but it wouldn’t have been the same movie had Gilman not been so good. His slight lisp and dorky mannerism made for an emotionally investing and relate-able character.

Best Supporting Actress

WINNER: Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables

I nominated her twice. Did you seriously think she wasn’t going to win?

Hathaway is turning out to be a real go-getter. She’s taking big roles that if she doesn’t nail, she’ll be ridiculed for. Taking Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises is a good example of this. But really, she seems up for any challenge. Fantine wasn’t an easy character to do well. But she did it justice in a film that disappointed.

Her take of “I Dreamed A Dream” was surprisingly good, though I’m not sure where her character summoned the strength to sing it seeing as she was dying. But it was exhilarating nonetheless. She did it all well; it’s unfortunate she didn’t last longer in Les Mis.

Best Supporting Actor

WINNER: Javier Bardem – Skyfall

"....How are those Calvin Klein underpants NOW, Bond?"

“….How are those Calvin Klein underpants NOW, Bond?”

Holy guacamole…Javier Bardem totally bad-ass in Skyfall.

Playing one of the scariest Bond villains to date, Bardem belted it out of the park. He was all like “I have a crazy accent and you don’t know what country I’m from or what I’ve been through” and Bond was all like “Even though I’m James Bond and once defeated the likes of a metal-jawed tough guy and head-slicing Asian butler, I’m totally scared of you.”

Every great Bond movie needs a great villain. Skyfall was absolutely fantastic which must mean that Bardem was good. And he was.

Very, very good.

Best Actress

WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook

Better than The Hunger Games, I can tell you that.

Lawrence was solid in this. Solid as a mentally unstable widow. Wait, what?

J-Law, as she was referred to by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig at the Golden Globes, put in a fantastic performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She was funny, and although the film was light-hearted, Lawrence showed the deepest emotion and soundest acting in the whole thing. I was very impressed with her ability to draw a feeling from the viewer, and really connect with her partners on screen.

Silver Linings Playbook was an outstanding picture, with outstanding performances being accompanied by outstanding writing. All in all, J-Law did a superb job acting a role that was one of the most complicated in all films last year.

Best Actor

WINNER: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln



If I didn’t give Daniel Day-Lewis this one, I’d probably be breaking a law.

Day-Lewis was absolutely amazing in Lincoln. His mere presence on screen was enough for me. He didn’t even need to talk for me to enjoy his performance here. But guess what? HE TALKED! And it was magical!

The way he powered through his lines was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Every line was as important as the other. He could’ve been asking for a quarter-pounder at McDonalds and the whole room would’ve began applause.

His powerful nature when talking was completely contradicted when he moved around. Calm, layed-back and mellow which was fantastic. What a chilled-out president.

Here-here for Daniel Day-Lewis.


In the final SAGMA awards batch: Best & Favourite Picture, Best Director PLUS a secret award.

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