The Kubrick Award is back!

The Kubrick Award – for Film Appreciation is back!

If you didn’t check the SAGMA Awards this year, I’ll explain for you. The SAGMA Awards were born in the Major Award Section of the 2013 SAGMAs. The first inductee into the prestigious club of fantastic films was Bryan Singer’s film noir masterpiece The Usual Suspects.

I’ve decided that there are so many great films, why only focus on one a year? I’ll be long dead before I get through all of them.

The Kubrick Award will be more of a monthly thing from now. I’ll try my best to review as many great films as possible, but there are only so many a young lad has seen!

The first will be up in a matter of weeks.

Also, in the coming days you can look forward to a review of the new film The Place Beyond The Pines.

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