Movie Review – Pacific Rim

WARNING: Spoilers. There are plot giveaways in this review. (But nothing big so stop having a cry and read the damn review!)



IMDB Rating: 8 out of 10 (17,710 votes)

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

The poster for Pacific Rim.

The poster for Pacific Rim.

There’s not much more to say — Pacific Rim is the best blockbuster all year.

The action delivers on a level unparalleled in time. It’s loud, obnoxious, and fantastic. Pacific Rim does this odd thing; it makes the action a delicacy. Not something to be digested whole, but broken up in a period of time. Nibbled at. Taken in, enjoyed, but not forced in. It’s paced. The action is paced. Perfectly, at that.

Seriously — the tagline is “Go Big or Go Extinct”. Saying that in a movie-trailer-guy accent will get you excited for this movie no matter the circumstance.

Guillermo Del Toro isn’t one of my most acclaimed directors. Probably because I haven’t seen a single one of his movies. But he does an immaculate job with Pacific Rim. He entices us with his direction, pulling us through the broken gravel and crashing waves with the main characters. It’s like we’re in a Jaeger with the pilots, standing next to them, studying their every move. I don’t think many directors can accomplish that; at least not to the extent that Del Toro does.

The colour. Vibrant.

The colour. Vibrant.

Seriously, Del Toro – who I always mix up with his namesake Benicio – treats Pacific Rim like he’s always had a love for giant robots and cool things like this. He gives to us a somewhat familiar story on his own terms; I can’t help but feel that Guillermo had this one in the works for a while. And then there’s the visual effects, which are incredible too. I cannot believe how real the monsters look, how cool the blood is, how amazing and unbelievable the concept of a giant robot swinging a cargo ship like a baseball bat is. Well that happens in Pacific Rim. And it is amazing. Ron Perlman is especially good in the film; he brings a sense of humour that Charlie Day – a comedian – sorely lacks. His costumes are funny, and his dialogue is good. His post-credits scene is also well done. I must also address the performance of Idris Elba, who plays Stacker Pentecost. He delivers his lines – some are good, some are bad – with clarity and impact, like none other in the film. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll undoubtedly remember his line “We are cancelling the apocalypse”, which will go down as one of the year’s best.

And the score is simply sublime. It’s a lot of music to write. But it’s epic and it’s loud and it’s heart-pumping and it’s satisfying.

But Pacific Rim has it’s problems. Although few, they are significant. Firstly, let me start by saying that the Australian accents are shocking. And when I say shocking, I mean SSSHHHOOOCCCKKKIIINNNGGG. I don’t know why the characters have to be Australian, or why Del Toro picked actors to play them who were clearly unfit to play the role, but the accents are the lowpoint of the movie. And the worst part is, the characters are so significant in the film; it gets so annoying. Secondly, the dialogue is pretty cliché. Not good cliché either. Just plain cliché. It’s lame, predictable, and mostly just dull.

"Oh no...not Sydney" said no one ever.

“Oh no…not Sydney” said no one ever.

And finally, the film’s sense of humour is just a little off. It may sound contradictory to my Ron Perlman comments, but honestly I think Perlman’s character is the only thing they get right in terms of Pacific Rim’s humour. Some of the jokes fall short and the beat leaves us feeling awkward.

But don’t be put off by these small factors. The film is simply awesome.

Pacific Rim isn’t your average blockbuster. It’s got emotion, taste, an interesting premise, good acting, and one of the most expansive storylines I’ve ever had the pleasure of dissecting. It brings us into a world where these robots are necessary, where they are the heroes. A world where we don’t want to be in reality, but boy are we loving every second of watching that very world be torn at the seams. It’s a delight in every sense.

MY RATING: 8 out of 10.

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